Unreal FPS v1.13

Unreal FPS is a advanced platform for create powerful FPS, action, adventure games. With Unreal FPS you can create completely different, powerful and unique games.

• A powerful and flexible system to customize your character and weapons.
• System for settings and camera control.
• Cross-platform control support
• Photon Multiplayer
• Mobile Support
• RayCast Shoot System
• Physics Shoot System
• RayCast Shotgun Shoot System
• Physics Shotgun Shoot System
• Throw Attack System
• Support different hits effect from bullet on different surfaces
• System of different sound of footsteps on different surfaces
• Climb System
• Tilts System
• FPS Body
• FPS Body IK
• Grab System
• KillCam System
• AI Ready
• Friendly AI
• Enemy AI
• Full Body IK for AI
• Inventory System
• Loot Weapon System
• Drop Weapon System
• Loot Ammo System
• Customizable HUD.
• Customizable Menu.
• Ready and set up the Animator Controller.
• Health system
• Damage System
• Health Regeneration System
• Screen Damage Effect
• Builders
• Player Builder
• AI Builder
• Loot Weapon Builder
• Physics Bullet Builder
• Physics Grenade Builder
• Plugin Installer

In the Unreal FPS includes a large number of plugins that you can install using the built-in Plugin Manager, constantly added new plugins and they are all free!
• Photon Multiplayer
• Mobile Control
• Door Key System
• Platform System
• Input Adapter
• Input Events
• Joystick Mapping
• UI Input Modules

• Easy to use documentation 

Asset version: 1.13


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