Low Poly Medieval Castle Pack Low-poly 3D model

The Low Poly Medieval Castle Pack is a collection of structures and props in a beautiful low poly art style to help create castles, fortresses, towns, and environments for any project of yours!

Includes 104 unique assets!

Bridges x2
Gate Walls x5
Castle Towers x2
Castle Walls x5
Castle Stairs x1
Ground Pieces x2
Mountains & Hills x2
Water Pieces x1
Stone Tiles x4
Rocks x4
Trees x3
Tree Stumps x3
Structure Accessories x14
Modular Church Pieces x5
Crates & Barrels x5
Modular Dock Pieces x10
Modular Fence Pieces x6
Gravestone Pieces x5
House Bases x4
Modular Stairs x4
Ground Clutter x14

Images rendered in Unity, post processing effects added.

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